1st year students have an opportunity for an interim display of work that will be open alongside the 2nd year students' final show.

You will be using the 2nd floor BA Illustration studio space in South Block. This will the space for all of you, so potentially 20 students. For students in London you can go and see the BA show next week to see the space as a gallery.

This interim display is open to online students as well. Students based in London will have to help online students to install their work.

Important to remember this is an 'interim' display and you may have to compromise on any huge ideas you have.

Monday 6 July - 10.00 - meet at college to start installing your interim display
18.30 - meal at Jonathan's home - travel together from college
Tuesday 7 July - install continues (some of you have research paper tutorials http://mafineartdigital.wikispaces.com/tutorials )
Wednesday 8 July - install continues
Thursday 9 July - install continues
Friday 10 July - install continues (please note Ed and Jonathan will be assessing 2nd year students so won't be so available to help)

Saturday 11 July - building closed
Sunday 12 July - building closed

Monday 13 July - install continues (please note Jonathan will be working with some 2nd year students who have been selected for an exhibition in the Camberwell Space - time available to help will be limited)
Tuesday 14 July - install completed on this day (Please note Jonathan will only be in college for a short time in the morning as he will be at the graduation ceremony for last year's students in the afternoon) - (some of you have research paper tutorials http://mafineartdigital.wikispaces.com/tutorials )

Wednesday 15 July - External Examiner visit - he will want to meet some students at 14.00 if you are available
Thursday 16 July - the show opens to the public -
VIP reception 17.00 - 18.00 (prizes will be awarded at 17.30 in the Camberwell Space gallery by the entrance)
private view 18.00 - 21.00
- show is then open each day from 10.00 - 20.00 (closed on Sunday 19 July) - you are responsible for invigilating your exhibition

(please note that no bars are allowed in the exhibition spaces. There is an official bar in the canteen and you are allowed to bring a small amount of alcohol for your friends or family, but it must be a small amount!)

Wednesday 22 July - MA show ends
Thursday 23 July - exhibition comes down, all spaces repaired and left is good condition
Friday 24 July - last day of term - after this the building is locked for building work over the summer - you will need to remove any of your work that might want to use as there will be absolutely no access until September

The marketing team at Camberwell have put together a very good marketing campaign for the MA shows, it is mostly focused on the 2nd year students but you can still use all the official social media links etc - all the details are here http://eepurl.com/bn1mBv

The 2nd year students have priority use of the equipment we have and currently they will be using:
the large flat screen
the 32 inch flat screen
and probably a projector and media player

Jack suggested that you edit this page and create a list here of any college equipment you would like to use if it is available.

List of equipment:
Jack Addis - I will be providing all my own stuff - but i will need a wall space and space in front of said wall for a plinth, which i am providing.

Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm: If possible, I will need 1 video projector, 1 media player and 1 headphone. I will need a wall space (where the projection can be seen) and a space in front of the wall for a plinth (or something similar) I can put the projector on. I will prefer a location in the studio which has as little light as possible, so the projection can be seen better :-) (I will be in London from 13th July).

Trystan Williams: I might want to use some plinths, don't really know how many... probably just whatever's left over. Or if not I'll work something else out.

Donald Takeshita-Guy - 2 or 3 iMacs and plinths..

Yvonne Opalinski: 1 Mac and plinth of some sort on which to put it

Sarah Robinson: Just some wall space please- I have around 6 images that are 40x50 cm (approx). Have yet to decide how to display/ compose them.

Clara Durán: I need wall space as well, I have 24 photos A3 size, and thought of using magnets to hang them as I don't want to harm any of the surface. I guess I'll have to make a selection, because 24 is too much for the space we have.

Rhiannon Evans: I would like some wall space to hang one A4 Landscape Wall Display Leaflet Holder and one A6 Wall mounted Landscape Leaflet Holder plus ...possibly above these or to the side...one A4 poster. I would like 2 or probably 4 magnets for the poster if possible.

Jiaqi Huang: I need one or two plinths, or a table, I have more than 50 cubes to display, probably 100*100 cm if put them together

Anqi Zhou: One small display device and a headphone if possible.

Kammi: Two display screens with two headphones. (don't mind to have big
or small screens, but better to be the same size)


Donald will be in midmorning every day so can help if there's a problem switching everything on and to give the other invigilators time for a break.

Friday 17 July

10am - 3pm: Kammi

3pm - 8pm Manuell

Saturday 18 July

11am - 2pm: Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm

2pm - 5pm:

Monday 20 July

10am - 3pm - Trystan Williams ;) & Manuell

3pm - 8pm: Anqi Zhou & Jacky Huang

Tuesday 21 July

10am - 3pm: Jack

3pm - 8pm Clara Durán (TBC Manuell)

Wednesday 22 July

10am - 1:30pm- Aurelie Freoua

1:30pm - 5.00 pm- Virginia and Blanca

Instructions for switching on
switch all the lights on apart from the far row
switch the projector on.. the button by the orange light
use the remote to switch the media player on.. it takes while to boot up.. but when it does just keep pressing enter and the file should play
hopefully all the computer are sleeping..
the mouse is behind the right plinth in my section.. use it to wake the computers up an start all the video files playing if they don't do it automatically
if the left iMac in my section need a password it's letter 01 .. it might take up to five minutes before it registers.
switch the dvd player and screen on ..
press input on the screen and navigate to scart
use the remote to switch the sony TV .. the file will come up after a while and press play..

if the computer are switched off text me and I'll come and sort it out..
My number is 077250 37383

switching off
switch the projector, dvd and tv off
use the mouse to put all the computer to sleep