Plan is the have a small exhibition at the 2 Girls Gallery in Peckham London

27TH MONDAY 10 am - deadline screen based work - Vic is in charge of making the films out of all the video/animations/screen based work. The screens will be two iMac monitors that will stand on plinths. Send your screen based work to Vic : by the deadline date.

DEADLINE EXTENDED FOR LABELS TO FRIDAY 24TH AT 12pm - SEND to Gabriella Martinez : glouisemartinez09@gmail.comInclude : Title, name, year, material, and short description (time of the video if video)

INSTALLATION DAY : Everyone should bring their artworks to the gallery ON THURSDAY MORNING THE 30TH - 10 AM


GRAPHICS of the event has been created by Eugenia - you find the poster visual identity here Flyers and social accounts can now be created
Open to all current MA Fine Art Digital students (potentially 40 of you in total, 1st & 2nd year, London based and online)

Donald TakGuy is organising this - with the help of a few students in London - Paolo Pinna (1st year), Gabby Martinez (1st year), Vic von Poser (2nd year), Zara Lawson (2nd year), Mady Stanley (2nd year)

The gallery is small - so only small work is possible. There will also be some screens that can loop still images or loops of short video work, this is really useful for online students to send work to London digitally.

Friday 1 December
Opening night

set up Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December

Hi Guys
Zara and I (Vic) have talked with Donald this afternoon and here is some new information:

The gallery space is small and we are in 40 people, so we’ve decided to have 2/3 screens with screen-based work on a loop (videos or still images). We advise not to use projection (of course, if you really want to project something we can work it out, but bear in mind that it’s a bright space full of artworks). If you want to explore more with wall based work see this as an opportunity to experiment.

Please if you would like to participate put your name and a brief description of your work in the list below:

The deadline to update your information here is Friday (17/11) - 12 pm London time.
We have a meeting again on Friday (17) afternoon to start organizing the space, so please update here as soon as possible

* ERRATA: Guys Sorry! The deadline for what you want to show is Friday 17/11


Gabriella Martinez 1st Year London - 5 A5 Frames on the wall placed very close together.

Paola Pinna 1st year London - I will have a plinth with a clear perspex box containing my artwork inside. This is gonna be situated on the walking space (will update exact sizes asap)

Andrew Farley - Yr2 (London) - I am planning a small 3D piece based around a framework and 10 inch video screen. The work would rest on the floor with a footprint around 30x30cm and height 40cm and could be positioned at the foot of a wall ideally near a power socket.

Zara Burton - Yr 2 - have a piece that is 19cm height by 9cm wide. Interactive text piece, needs a plug, could be hung, or on plinth/table. I’m living back in South London so happy to help setup/takedown.

Janet Waring Rago (Online): Would like to show a digital piece in the form of a gif on a group loop screen and perhaps also put up a small 20x20cm painting - though online, I shall be in London for the Ist Dec opening.

Charlotte Appleyard - 1st year, online - I am happy to have a digital piece which can be looped on the screens

Kehkashan Khalid -- 1st year online - I'll send in digital images or perhaps a short video that can be added to the work on the screens.

Robin Weijers - 1st year online - digital piece called 'Thank you for dancing with me in-between'. Send as movie file (.mov or mp4 whatever preferred). It will be a script-like interaction piece which just can be shown on one of your screens. Maybe I will want to send you a small envelop with the basic material (cord) which may be lying there next to the monitor. Just for the (finishing) touch.

Ben Sullivan 1st Year online - I'll put together a short loop of animations (2-3 mins total). It would be good to know the size/ratio of the screens so that I can adapt my work accordingly. If at all possible, I would like my work to be shown on an older screen (90s style beige box PC monitor) but as I cannot be there to supply one, I will gladly have whatever is available. Also please let me know what file format is preferred for the video.

Inga Lineviciute 2nd Year online -
Innocence / GIF or 1 min video on loop / Hand-drawn / 2017
*optional - Innocence / 10 drawings' installation / Each 20 x 16 cm / Pencil, watercolour on paper / 2017
I will send the files and can bring the drawings over on Tuesday or Wednesday. I won't be able to install the drawings, so it is up to you whether you decide to use them or not.

Kat Outten, 1st year London-
4 Plastic vacuum formed pieces in white to be pinned/taped to the wall, quite large, but I'm happy to arrange them vertically to take up less space.

Justin-Lee D. Vervin -1st year (London) - I have something which I would like to broadcast on a radio frequency but I don't need a radio. All I need is somewhere that I can show what the frequency is that people need to tune into. I'm happy to have it anywhere visible. I'd also need to leave my
transmitter in the gallery which is fine with me, it only cost £5 and is tiny.

Chui Yin Wong(Iris) - 1st year (London) - I would like do an interactive piece which placing many balloons on the floor for the audience to pick up and inhale the gas inside. And also a small piece of paper (A5 or smaller) about instruction of those balloons.

Lam Chi Yan (Vivian) -1st year (online) -
I have two short motion graphics video, will be happy if it can be placed in dual screen on the video wall with sound broadcast on it. If space is inadequate I can make certain adjustment. The video link is in below for your referece:

Joe Hale Obliterated Postcard (small piece in 10 x 8 in frame to be displayed on wall)

Lyu Wen - 1st year (London) - I would like to do a performance with a canvas, just lie down the white canvas in exhibition space within a period of time, record the whole process by a camera, then hang on the wall when finished, and use projector to put the whole progress on the canvas.

Nancy Jo Ward - 2nd year (Online) - I have 2-3 still images to be looped in with the mix of other images. Could ship 11x14 to hang if there is space.Let me know.

Zara Lawson - 2nd year (London), 5 still images to be looped on screen, not sure if I will be able to print on time.

Arlette (1st year London based):
- 3D printed hand-painted bowl - Diameter: 13 cm, height: 8cm
- Film - "Mirage", black and white, silent. Duration: 53 seconds.

Alena Kroshechkina - 1 Year (London): I would like to display 4 A4-size mixed media fashion illustrations from Makers House Burberry exhibition and one short 8-sec video with another fashion illustration about Vetements and Balmain collaboration with smoking models. - first 4 images - first image with animated smoke

(Miriam) Zhaoyun Song - Yr2 (London)
I want to hang a A3 sized mixed-media sculpture(30cm depth),a 20cm x20cm mixed-media sclpture(7cm depth),and a 20cm x20cm mixed media painting on the wall.

Eugenia Kasyanova - 1 Year (London): 4 Square images in frames 30 x 30cm - Cinema 4D Renders.

Dwa Al Khalifa - 1st Year (Online): I would like to display one still image on a screen and two looping videos . All three can be shown on any of the screens available.

Yunting Yang-- 2nd Year( London): I would like to show 2 around A4 size images

Madeline Stanley - 3 a3 framed photographs

Vanessa Gould - 1st year: I would like to display a painting around A4 size