Vic, Andrew and Mady who are based in London will start to put together a plan for who we will use the space for the interim show.

First step is to put a brief note below, explaining what you hope to show as part of of the exhibition and what equipment you might need.
(the priority for equipment is the 2nd year students but we should have some stuff available).

If you are an online student say if you are sending stuff or planning to come to London

We will be focusing on setting up the interim show on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July.

Also, Martin Williams and Peng Peng, who are both MA Designer Maker students will be joining this interim show and will part of the planning process, they are both based in London.

Invigilation Sign Up

10 - 3: Andrew
3 - 8: Joe, Andrew

Saturday (opening is shorter hours 11.00-17.00)
10 - 3: Zara,Yunting
3 - 5: VIC, Yunting, Zara

10 - 3: Mady,Miriam
3 - 8: VIC,Miriam

10 - 3: Mady
3 - 8: Joseph

10 - 3: Laurence, Joe
3 - 5: (note earlier close) Joseph, Laurence


Zara Lawson
I will be showing five A2 sized drawings with a film 9mins long (maybe on loop, not sure yet).
Need a wall space and a space to put a very small table or plinth. I will also need a small screen or old TV screen (if possible) playing the film with headphones.

Inga Lineviciute
Will be showing silent animation, probably 2-3 mins long (still in a making). Would like to show as a video projection on a floor or wall. I am coming to London on 11th of July and will be there for preview as well. I think floor projection could be a bit impossible while being away as I haven't tested myself, so a close projection on a wall would work fine too. All I would need is a projector, media player, a plinth, some extension cables. If there is enough of equipment I will send more details. Otherwise, a screen would work fine as well. Thaaaank you!:)
Edit: If you need a work sooner, I can send it to any of you.

Joseph Delaney
I'll be showing a film, between 7 and 9 minutes long, that ideally would be projected with out-loud sound – so any external / cut off spaces (any available lift, corridor, cupboard, toilet, etc.) would be amazing. I'll also have a print roughly 33 x 48 inches which I'd just want to pin to the wall, and a load of A5 or A6 zines, which would be great to have a small table or plinth to hold but I'd also happily just pile on the floor.

Joe Hale
A Ream with a Void - upright on plinth approx. 110 H x 30 W x 30 D cm. (there are a couple in studio but unsure if already allocated)
Big Blue Book - displayed open on plinth 100 H x 50 W x 50 D cm. (plinth under construction in Neal's Yard)
Obliterated Text - pinned up on wall - dimensions tbc
Stack of "Down the Rabbit Hole" emoji quote postcards to giveaway

Martin Williams (Designer Maker)
As-yet untitled floor-based installation/assemblage of various ceramic objects (sandwich, cactus, hotdog, etc...). I think I'll need a floor space of around 2m x 2m, and I'm thinking of using the radiator too (not the one by the fire exit) so the floor space could be in front of that... unless anyone else has a burning desire to use that space.

Madeline Stanley
I'll be showing 3 framed photographs. Unsure yet of size but not too big! Will figure it out today.

Laurence Cleary
I would like to show a video, approximately 5 mins long. It has sound and ideally I'd not use headphones but realise this is probably the only practical option so I might need to hang these on the wall as well. With sound I had considered the possibility of streaming the audio in sync on a webpage for people to log on to with their phones? in practice this might be too intrusive to other people in the space so happy to compromise - Im not too fussed by the size of the screen - I guess as long as it can display 1080p - but the bigger the better (depending on whats around it) :)
I would also like to show a print - probably A1 - possibly 2 if there is space although I have not finished these yet. I would like to hang these from the cieling or high on the wall.

Andrew Farley
I plan to show an installation of shapes cut from sheet material, an LED monitor and mirror, all resting against a wall. Ideally about 1m of wall length would be used but could be less if there is pressure on wallspace, or it could possibly occupy a corner. A series of inkjet prints will be pinned to the wall above the shapes resting against the wall, upto a height of around 2m. There will be a media player for the monitor (no sound) which would need access to mains power from somewhere. I will supply the monitor and media player so no resources required.
Also, if there is interest in a sound work ...I have an idea for a piece based on one or two transistor radios. It could be placed in a corridor outside the main space, ideally on a shelf where it could be secured.

Miriam Zhaoyun Song
l will show series of paintings.
And the way I would like to display l showed a picture on my blog.
Totally 16 paintings (maybe)The biggest sized one is 99cm*76cm
I need a wall place which is a little bigger than this size,so I can put some smaller sized paintings around it.

Peng Peng
I would like to show a piece of fabric with around 200 piece of acrylic mirror sewed on it. (1m*1m).
and a balancing installation on the fabric( 45cm*45cm*45cm).and some small samples of material.
My works is related to the reflection of light, so I hope I can show my works in a corner near the window.(If possible)

Nancy Jo
4 images looped on an iMac screen

Yunting Yang
4 A3 size images with frame( hanging on the wall)a short video about 5minutes,(need a table or a plinth to put an iMac), and I also have about 30 images which are 4*5 in size.

Vic von Poser
4 Images printed on acetate, each one will be around 30cm width x 2m height
I will like to hang from the ceiling in the middle of the room, but I think it will also work hanging on the wall...
I would like to show a video too, but only if we have any equipment left.

Will Clarke
If there is a iMAc screen available and a plynth, probably would help if the Imac had VLC player on it - I'd like to send an abstract film to be shown -tit will be around 30 minutes long on a loop - - with very light sound in background - headphone option maybe so as not to disturb other work if needs be, the film can work silent aswell , I really don't mind

Short looping video

Two electrodes are connected to the predictive text area of my personal mobile phone, simulating key presses. Every second a new key press is initiated, “clicking” a suggested predicted word and constructing sentences that are based on my previous online/offline conversations. The generated text is displayed within the custom app that is using a font which is based on my handwriting.

imac small app

Zara Burton
Through a glass darkly
Short looping video



If Imacs have been turned off over night then follow instructions bellow. Try leave them running at end of day - but make sure to turn off the projectors and TV and DVD player (main switch is off).

Zara (DVD player, CRT screen)
-Turn on TV and press play on DVD

Manolis/Zara Burton First Imac to left of plinth near fire escape)
- Looping quicktime video, turn on Imac play file from desktop. Make sure quicktime is on loop.

Nancy Jo (Middle imac on plinth)
- turn imac on and wait for screensaver (images are set to screensaver on loop)

Eng Agger (right imac on tri-plinth)
- Launch surrealism app (from desktop) - keybard space bar is used to make a new composition.

Joseph Delaney - (installation over sink)

-Turn projector on using the big power button on top. This should be all you need to do if the media player is already playing but if it has been switched off follow these instructions.

Select HDMI (if not already selected) on projector

Turn media player on (in shelf) by pressing red power button on remote (also in shelf). Make sure remote is facing side of media player that USB is plugged into.

Using remote movies (if not already selected), then USB device, then Lexar, then Wrecked Final Edit MP4 (bottom one) Ignore file starting with a dot! Movie will then play but you should then press repeat button on remote until "repeat one" is selected. It will then loop.

If the player at some point in the day starts to say it can't play media, it is because "repeat one" wasn't selected.

- Turn on Imac - loop video from desktop in quicktime. Make sure quicktime is in loop mode (View/Loop)

Yunting Yang
- Turn on imac, loop video from desktop in quicktime. Full Screen.

Will Clark
- Turn on Imac and loop quicktime video from desktop. Full Screen.

Inga (Projector on floor with media player)
- Turn on media player using remote - select usb - only one file in there - set on a loop using remote as for Joseph's instructions.. Then turn on projector. Remote is shared with Andrew's work and is kept there- can be found in slot in left plinth, see below

Andrew Farley
Setup- Remove black plinth and then white plinth covering projector. Press Projector power button and press again to confirm. Turn on Lepy audio amplifier - blue light comes on. The media player should have been left on -blue light will be on. The projector should now be playing the video and there will be sound coming from the loudspeakers. The volume level should be about right but you can turn it off at the audio switch on the left plinth by the loudspeaker - press 2. Press 1 for sound. Replace plinths. If the media player is off, please go to the slot at the top of the left plinth and get the remote - there is also a paper sheet of instructions to set up the media player. It is basically the same as Inga's and Josephs so just do the same. Any problems please call my number on the sheet.
End of day- Remove plinths. Press power on projector twice to shut down, turn off audio amplifier but leave media player going. Replace plinths.

Laurence Cleary (two imacs linked by thunderbolt)
- Both screens are linked with thunderbolt - the second imac (one facing away from the entrance) is used as a mirror screen. To turn into second screen boot up both imacs and log in as normal. then on second screen press APPLE + F2. Then on main Imac - play video from desktop and loop in quicktime.