Planning for the final show

marketing - Camberwell blog, social media etc:

You are ALL responsible for invigilating the space, making sure everything is on and running each day and that work is safe but most important that you are available to speak to people about all the work.

Friday 14 July -
10.00 - 15.30 - Alasdair
15.30 - 20.00 -

Friday 14 July -
10.00 - 15.30 -
15.30 - 20.00 -

Saturday 15 July -
11.00 - 14.00 -
14.00 - 17.00 -

Saturday 15 July -
11.00 - 14.00 - Patrick
14.00 - 17.00 -

Sunday 16 July - closed

Monday 17 July -
10.00 - 15.30 - Yi Liu, Nathalie
15.30 - 20.00 - Sharon Bertram (straight after school so arriving by 4pm)

Monday 17 July -
10.00 - 15.30 -
15.30 - 20.00 -

Tuesday 18 July -
10.00 - 15.30 - Nathalie
15.30 - 20.00 - Sharon Bertram (4pm straight from school)

Tuesday 18 July
10.00 - 15.30 -
15.30 - 20.00 - Patrick

Wednesday 19 July -
10.00 - 15.30 -
15.30 - 20.00 - Alasdair

Wednesday 19 July -
10.00 - 15.30 - Yi Liu
15.30 - 20.00 -

Proposal Space for the Degree Show
Don't panic, this is still a draft.


G03: Sarah S, Céline
G02: Xavi, Yi, Russel
G01: Nathalie, Alasdair, Bianca
Corridor: David
Quiet Room: Sharon


Entrance: Leonie?
Small rooms: Alejandro, Philip, Jason
Main room: Katerina, Patrick, Terry, Sarah R?

Yi will also be outdoors, in the yard
Leonie has booked the Lecture Theatre and has the possibility to occupy some floor space left upstairs/downstairs.
Sarah R may be upstairs or downstairs according to light preferences. Also there is the possibility to get the Quiet Room next to the Designer Makers show.

external image brl9L2j.jpg

external image lZdpLJy.jpg

=> pink thing would be a partition wall that needs to be build.

1. Deadline Thursday 25 May

Add your name below and write:
- a brief description of what you are hoping to show in the exhibition
- list any equipment that you think you will need
- if you have been thinking about a specific space suggest it here as well
(remember to be flexible with you ideas and requirements, everyone will need to adapt when we start planning the space)

2. Space proposal
A small group of Celine, Russell and hopefully Dave Charlesworth from South Kiosk as an outside consultant, will look at these plans and the space and suggest a draft proposal for who goes where. Everyone can then discuss the plans.

Leonie DuBarry-Gurr

I just need some space! Minimum 8ft square if possible but if not, then I'll make it work!.. oh I also need access to electricity :) I have booked the lecture theatre for the opening night as I am doing a live performance then but after that if I need to move I am happy to do so. (Maybe the end of a corridor or something?)

I am setting up a site specific (ie moveable / malleable) installation which will incorporate audible and visual elements. The audience is part of the installation (hence the need for space for people / a person to walk around within it). Audio will be ongoing and from speakers so needs to be next to someone that doesn't mind sound leak. I might possibly be using a projecter also... depending on ambient light quality. I have all my own gear (including projector) so if all goes well and nothing breaks ahghg I will not require any of the university equipment. I am pretty flexible and as my installation is to work in harmony with where it is situated.. wherever I am will be fine. Thank you ! :)

So to summarise:

- Space for installation with room for a person to walk around in
- Plug Socket
- Situated where audio is not a problem for others
- Dark space is preferable but not a necessity

Sarah Maria Scicluna

I will be showing a series of visuals derived from a personal archive. The works are size A3 each, unframed, and there’s about 70 of them, and they will be hung covering the entire wall. They are all monochrome.

I won’t be needing any additional equipment, except a ladder to hang them up.

I don’t have any specific place in mind. Really and truly any empty wall would do since I don’t have any projections or lighting specifications. Preferably somewhere where it isn't noisy.


  • Wall(?) + floor space installation in light room, no sound.
  • 3 to 5 custom screens (got 3 of my own), raspberry pi, loads of VGA+power cables will be involved (>extension cables needed) The screens are various size -PC standards- and will be displaying color gradients and websites.
  • A1 gradient screenprints , I'm not sure how to display them yet.

Sarah R

  • Dim but naturally lit space- enough to see small detail in postcard size prints.
  • I have some desk lamps to enhance the prints. Lighting example. Socket essential pls!
  • I would prefer a non corner space but one in which a trestle table or long desk can be pushed against a display wall (and a chair can be pulled out and sat at comfortably). I envisage a 2x2 metre space give or take. See featured image
  • With the wall- I would prefer one in which bare prints could be presented with small magnets- so concrete etc would be too hard to drill into...maybe.
  • Will seek out desk and chair from college…somewhere! If anyone sees one that catches their eye…steal. :)
  • Thank you


  • Wall video installation in light room, sound.
  • 2-6 screens (not sure yet number or uniformity) encased in acrylic boxes. Approx 3 metres x 2 metres.
  • Example of box:
  • Important that the viewer and light are reflected onto the box surface so need to be in a room with natural light
  • Media players and hard drives will run the whole thing, all will be in hidden in the boxes
  • This kinda thing but prob with less screens:
  • Possible print work too, TBC


  • Exhibiting: One rotoscoped animation (MP4), played on a loop. Two digital prints on canvas (both are frames from the animation, 16 x 12”)
  • Equipment Needed: One very large (if possible) LCD monitor and a good set of Powered PA Speakers. I was thinking Behringer-Eurolive-B112D Speakers. If not, value Argos will do.
  • Space Preference: For the rotoscoped animation, preferably in a dark corner of an interior. Crucial Point! As the audio carries the weight of the animation, if possible, could there be no or little sound intrusion from videos/animations. I know it’s a big ask, but would be very grateful. As for the canvases, I don’t have any space preferences.
  • Thank you for your assistance


  • I wish to show an edited version of my “Capability Landscapes” exhibition, held six months ago, and comprising a central A1 size framed poster surrounded by 14 A2 size framed photographic prints topped by three framed cyanotype prints as illustrated at blog post
  • The pictures would best be hung central on any one of the three walls in any one of the ground floor rooms on right of main entrance to Wilson Road - preferably one illuminated by natural light - and occupy a minimum of 2 x 3 metres of wall space.
In addition, I would like to position a screen (e.g. Imac) with headset on a small table with chair close to pictures where a five-minute video on Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown could be watched and information leaflets made available. See also blog post at


  • Two life size busts in the centre of the room. Sculptures set on plinths 50x50x50cm and 50x50x90 Spotlit from above. A0 size acrylic screen hanging from the ceiling between them. Back projected video on to the screen from a projector mounted high on one wall approx 3m from screen, so the video can be seen from both sides, without visitors interrupting the projected image. Below the projector two headphones will hang from another plinth set against the wall. Plinth approx 30x30x90cm with book on top. Each day there will be a supervised performance for visitors using the Microsoft Hololens. This will project holograms on the free floor space around the room. The centre space will be set out on a grey Lino 2.5m x 2m. The environment needs low ambient light to work bBlinds down but not blackout. Otherwise the HoloLens will not work.
  • I have all the equipment except: The largest plinth but Jonathan has two this size. I also may need one of the wooden bars resting on top of the prefabricated walls in our studio. I may need one of Jonathan's short throw projectors. I need to check out which works during installation.
  • This exhibit works in the end ground floor room nearest the stairs down to the basement, with blinds down but not blackout. I have a picture of the same room set out along these lines for the Foundation show. I have sent pics to Celine and Russell.

I have now tried the video in our studio. The acrylic screen does not work effectively with either projector, my own or the short throw. It casts an image through the screen to the other side of the room. The projector lamp is very tricky to site without major glare on the screen. So I have abandoned this idea. So please modify my requirements to:

1. A short throw projector projected from below.2. Project on to a wall or possibly a corner. I will have to try to see what works as a corner projection means using a version of the film with the two actors apart rather than overlapping. This is possible.3. Possibly use my own projector to project an image of the sea on to the floor butting up to the images on the walls.4. The sculptures will now be in front of and to the side of the projected (large) image, so that the projected image is not obstructed.5. The HoloLens is used to project holograms of the refugees in the water around the free space on the floor and is best in low ambient light not blackout or close to that, as any VR unit with tracking cannot track if the light is too low. I would need to try out in the space. The HoloLens is a performance for one hour a day for security reasons.6. The alternative is to separate the HoloLens performance separate from the main exhibit, and hold the performance in the lecture theatre. I have smaller versions of the sculptures which can work there. The film would then shown in the HoloLens with the holograms projected around the allocated space.


  • HTC Vive VR piece, 6’x 6’ floorspace needed for gravel/peebles.. Space needed for some small 3D prints around the perimeter.
  • Equipment I’m using: x2 Vive Base station controllers on x2 6.5 ft light stands. top right + bottom left of space. x1 Vive HMD (Headset) and x2 controllers, PC tower + keyboard.
  • Seat: This was meant to be a poly seat that housed the PC and VR gear and also people could sit on but is proving difficult to make via CNC cutting or moulding, so may have to compromise with some kind of customised bench, (length roughly 70cm) will sit at top of floor space beside monitor and lightstand.
  • Equipment Needed: Large size monitor (what sizes are available) to display VR environment as people are immersed.
    Close Access to sockets for about 6 plugs.
  • Lighting/Room: Subdued light but not blackout, but also not full on daylight.
  • WiFi access at all times.
  • Will need a projector also to project some videos on the walls, depends on how bare the set up looks.
  • Need a black lightstand


I will present a physical-digital hybrid piece called landscape #13, this piece has Three different components:

  • Small painted sculpture that should go on a plinth allowing the viewer to see it from all angles.
  • Video tour inside of the digital version of the painted sculpture. projection over a curved surface surrounding the field of view of the spectator.
  • VR tour of the digital version of the painted sculpture.

I am still trying to decide the best way to present my piece but I need more time to reflect on how to arrange it, I feel that the sculpture is the central piece, it acts as an entry point to the VR - Video elements, my intention is to allow the viewer to engage with the sculpture and then expand his/her experience through the VR - Video elements.

  • Two plinths: one for the painted sculpture (the plinth should be 1 meter high with a 30 to 35 cm square top surface), other to hold the computer for the VR headset.
  • Projector
  • Small screen (21")
  • 2 Headphones. Speakers (Optional)
  • Bench or 2 chairs
It would be good to have a close space, I was thinking about one of the rooms in the basement.


- a variety of objects ( organic, round objects, size around 30cm - 60cm)
probably some hanging from the ceiling maybe some on the ground around 5 pieces
- Maybe a painting on a cardboard size would be around 2m x 1,50cm could be leaning on the wall
Best option would be to have everything hanging in front of a white wall


  • An artwork (which will resemble d7 - see this visualization on my blog) is a meta work of 252 pieces (original artworks from my m series, each piece ink on paper, 90mm × 90mm) configured in an arrangement of 6 rows by 42 columns, occupying a total area of approximately 1.0m × 4.0m.

    Equipment Needed: None.

    Space: A wall with natural illumination (to bring out the best in the ink), and in a quiet zone to allow the spectator space to sense the color vibrations. Room G1, G2, or G3 would be the most appropriate space to present.

  • A set of digital prints (enlarging greatly) some of the original artworks above. About 3 or 5 pieces, about SRA0 on paper or Forex.

    Equipment needed: None

    Space: The corridor outside rooms G1, G2, and G3 would be an appropriate space to present... especially as it presents a juxtaposition in terms of lighting (artificial against natural) and space (restricted against open) with G1, G2, and G3.

A maze made of leaf-shape marks
Space: college yard
Equipment needed: currently nothing


Here is my proposal for the final show presentation:
– I will present a wood panel with cubes attached. The name of it might be something like “Binary Emotions in the UK”.
– The panel is: 110cms wide by 88cm tall.
– It is quite heavy, so I might need a structured wall. The weight is approximately 22kg (cubes + board)
– Because I work with 2 different heights of wood blocks (the “cubes”), the shadows that come from the VOLUME is an important thing. For this reason, a space that has natural light is ideal.


  • a short video projected on a wall, playing continuously on a loop (like an animated painting with slight movement), no sound. I want it to cover the whole length of the wall. So I will need a projector for that.
  • 2-3 large screens for displaying still digital images (the number of screens depends also on the equipment available)

For more details, see the sketch on this link:

Space preference: I will need a dark interior space (probably the basement) and an empty surface/wall to project the video. I would also like to know the dimensions of the wall, so that I can control better the result. For the screens’ display I have no preference, althought it would be nice to be close to the video projection.

Updated info after the tutorial with Jonathan:


  • 33 printed tiles hung on the wall.
  • VR dream + puff / big pillow to sit on
  • Prints + camera streaming online

Equipment / space
As I imagine, it would be perfect if it was placed in a corner, using both walls.
  • Wallspace for the tiles + sit
  • VR headset, computer and screen. Prints TBC
  • paper hung on a wall A2 + Trypod + camera + laptop


Here is my proposal for the final show presentation:
– I will present a wood panel with cubes attached. The name of it might be something like “Binary Emotions in the UK”.
– The panel is: 110cms wide by 88cm tall.
– It is quite heavy, so I might need a structured wall. The weight is approximately 22kg (cubes + board)
– Because I work with 2 different heights of wood blocks (the “cubes”), the shadows that come from the VOLUME is an important thing. For this reason, a space that has natural light is ideal.

Jonathan - I'm adding some notes for the extra 4 people just in case they don't get anything on here before Céline, Russell and Dave meet on Friday 26 May - 13.00 UK time

performances in the lecture theatre and using the stage area to create a 'set'

series of ceramic objects on plinths

Sarah S
combination of prints (A3ish size) and screen animations

Animation video (blender) on screen, ideally 17' (for a privacy filter [lenticular plastic sheet] though I could get a different sized one - could also provide a screen if needed) with headphones + probably a card reader. Would like some frankincense on a shelf or something for people to anoint their temples with, I guess not vaporised