Thursday 10 May 2018 (for 1 or 2 days, you choose) - Gallery visits in Liverpool
I will getting the 11.07 London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street - Thursday 10 May, see the picture below. Trains to Liverpool take about 2 hours.

You can get the train back to London the same day (see the suggested schedule below) or stay overnight for a 2nd day of gallery visits (places to stay linked below)

train tickets are cheapest from: (if you have a student railcard it is even cheaper but they get more expensive the closer to the day of travel)

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 17.41.44.png

Thursday 10 May
11.07 - train from London Euston

13.19 - arrive Liverpool Lime Street

5 minute walk to the Walker Art Gallery to see this amazing exhibition -
Slaves of Fashion is not just an exhibition of work it includes 2 rooms of the artists' research and the way they have worked with extensive archives. Altogether it is a great show and a wonderful example of extensive and deep research influencing and shaping art practice. Even if you dislike the art there is much to appreciate in the complex investigation.

15.30 - 10 minute walk to FACT - Foundation for Art and Creative Technology to see this exhibition -
States of Play: Roleplay Reality looks at roleplay and gaming in art and includes a very diverse collection of work, from playful to quite disturbing.

17.30 - short walk and metro journey to the beach to see a 3km wide installation by Anthony Gormley -

travel back to the city centre:
18.47 - train back to London
if you are staying overnight we will go somewhere for food (suggestions for places to stay are below)

Friday 11 May
10.30 - visit Tate Liverpool -
several exhibitions including this one which has a wonderful twist - the show is selected by one of the Art Handlers who has worked at Tate Liverpool for 30 years - 30 works of art to mark the 30th anniversary of Tate Liverpool -

also visit a great photography gallery -

and The Bluecoat -

We may have time to visit other galleries or even the Cavern Club if anyone is interested.

trains back to London:
(I am staying in Liverpool over the weekend to see family)

If you come for more than 1 day you need to arrange accommodation, click here for loads of options - the cheapest options are the hostels or most students last year stayed at this cheap hotel