Thursday 16 February
Sign up workshops -- you can choose ONE workshop for the whole day
numbers are strict, only add your name to list if there is still space

Meet in the studio at 10.00 - all workshops need to start at 10.30

1. Projection mapping (G18 studio)
in this workshop you will play with projecting video onto unusual shapes and surfaces, shaping the video and masking it to fit the structures
facilitated by Pete Thornton from ‘elastic eye’ and Romain Meunier

10 people maximum:
1 - Nathalie Jaeckle
2 - Inga Lineviciute
3 - Laurence Cleary
4 - Eng Agger
5 - Zara
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -

2. Black and white photograms (photographic dark rooms)
a photogram is a camera-less image making technique using objects in the dark room directly exposing them onto photo paper before developing the images in the traditional ‘wet photography’ methods.
facilitated by the photographic resource centre technical staff

6 people maximum:
1 -Yi Liu
2 -
3 - Andrew Farley
4 -Yunting Yang
5 -Miriam Zhaoyun Song
6 - Alejandro Escobar

3. Virtual Reality and hololens play (photographic studio)
this is an exploration of virtual reality using a vive and a hololens. This is most suitable for anyone with an interest in this area as it will be a collaborative exploration as the group shares knowledge and tries to understand more about the possibilities of this technology
facilitated by Terry and Alejandro (current 2nd year students) with input from Benjamin Maryland independent VR developer

7 people maximum:
1 - Alejandro
2 - Terry
3 - Patrick
4 - Vic
5 - Katerina
6 - manolis
7 -

4. raspberry pi small board computer experiments (digital media animation room)
a shared exploration of using raspberry pi to create cameras and sound devices from these very cheap £30 computers. Hands on making and exploring.
facilitated by Ed Kelly

4 people maximum:
1 -Céline
2 -Sharon
3 - Arhum
4 - Philip

5. letterpress printing (letterpress room)
letterpress is the traditional method of printing wood block letters but in this workshop you will be able to play with textures and printing surfaces. This is hands on and messy!
facilitated by James Edgar, artist and letterpress technician at Camberwell

6 people maximum:
1 - Joe Hale
2 -Jason
3 -sarah maria scicluna
4 - salomé
5 -
6 -