Friday 16 February
Sign up workshops -- you can choose ONE workshop for the whole day
numbers are strict, only add your name to list if there is still space

Meet in the studio at 09.45 - all workshops need to start at 10.00

1. Spoon carving and 3D scanning (MA Designer Maker studio - 3rd floor A block)
in this workshop you will carve a wooden spoon from a blank piece of wood and later 3D scan it to prepare for 3D printing
facilitated by Adamina Turek - Camberwell digital technician and spoon carver expert!

6 people maximum:
1 - zara Lawson
2 - Nancy Jo Ward
3 - Inga
4 - Arlette
5 - Vic?
6 - Yunting?

2. Interactive play - arduino, Max MSP and maybe conductive ink! (studio C135)
small group exploration of basic code and physical/digital interaction
facilitated by Romain Meunier - all round interactive guru!


10 people maximum:
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -

3. Virtual Reality and hololens play (digital maker space)
this is an exploration of virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality using a vive and a hololens. This is most suitable for anyone with an interest in this area as it will be a collaborative exploration as the group shares knowledge and tries to understand more about the possibilities
facilitated by Terry Quinn and Patrick Henry - former students and alternative reality addicts!

6 people maximum:
1 - Eng Agger
2 - Robin Weijers
3 -Paola Pinna
4 - Chui Yin Wong Iris
5 -Lyu Wen
6 - Ben Sullivan

4. interactive sound (C135a - Fine Art Digital office)
an emphasis on sound - creating sound and interacting with it with code and pure data open source software
facilitated by Ed Kelly, our Associate Lecturer with a doctorate in sound and music and incredible coding vision!

4 people maximum:
1 - Justin-Lee
2 - Joseph
3 - Manolis Perrakis
4 - Eugenia Kas

5. letterpress printing (letterpress room - basement of C block)
letterpress is the traditional method of printing wood block letters but in this workshop you will be able to play with textures and printing surfaces. This is hands on and messy!
facilitated by James Edgar, artist and letterpress technician at Camberwell

the request from James the technician is 'please bring a collection of random objects, with a bit of a flat surface on them'. You will start by inking these objects and doing some prints from them. Almost anything can work for example some orange peel, or a padded envelop, or a bar of chocolate (obviously you can't eat the chocolate once you have put ink on it!).

6 people maximum:
1 - Dwa Al Khalifa
2 - Lam Chi Yan Vivian
3 - Stephanie Bebbington
4 -Yunting Yang
5 - Vic von Poser
6 - Zara Lawson
(it is possible we can have a couple more people in this workshop, so if it does fill up and you are desperate to do it, email me, Jonathan, and I will see what I can do)

6. ceramics - coil building and throwing (ceramics resource centre)
working with the ceramics technician you will build vessels using coil techniques and try your hand at throwing on a potters wheel - messy and fun!
facilitated by Taslim Martin, ceramics technician amazing at throwing clay!
5 people maximum:
1 - Charlotte Appleyard
2 - Zara Burton
3 - Kat Outten
4 - Miriam
5 - Joe Hale


this workshop is now full and we cannot have nay more than 5 people