1. Deadline Thursday 24 May (by 15.30 UK time at the latest!)

Add your name below and write:
- a brief description of what you are hoping to show in the exhibition
- list any equipment that you think you will need
- if you have been thinking about a specific space suggest it here as well
(remember to be flexible with you ideas and requirements, everyone will need to adapt when we start planning the space)

2. Space proposal
On Thursday 24 May at 15.30 UK time, a small group of students will look at this list and the space and suggest a draft proposal for who goes where. Everyone can then discuss the plans.

Eng Agger
I working on a video installation; projecting on a wall or other flat element.
Ideally I want to have 2 projectors, but at least one good with high lumen.
Sound is part of my project, either presented with headphones or speakers.
Furthermore, I plan to show some text on a wall near the video and maybe smaller prints. In my mind, I want to create a kind of space with those elements. I need plinths for the projectors and power cords.

Zara Burton, I need wall space for photos and prints, approx 2 metres, A large table for 3 works and a plinth. Light environment and plenty of wallsockets.

Will Clarke
I'm working on stretched canvas -mixed media paintings/prints , they are 1m -1.5m wide and at the most they will be 1.2 -1.85 in height
I hope to have at least 3 of these finished,but there could be a few more finished, so would like to try and show as many as space will permit.
Also plan on showing video work on a 40" flat screen monitor, I am thinking of simply leaning this against a wall, or having it on a plinth in floor space.
I can bring my own flat screen Tv for this as its 4K UHD, if there is another similar sized flat screen available from the college, I would like to consider using one of these as well, if it is an option.
So space wise my work requires wall space mainly in a light environment.


180 x 180cm painting (hung on wall)
A Ream with a Void - (sculpture to go on plinth)
Mount Mountain - 40 x 40 cm (hung on wall)
Squiggle - letterpress print or vinyl (to go on wall)
Fixing a Puncture - performance on floor (inside circle marked on floor with tape?)

I thought the top space had the best natural light so maybe people making things which require light could go up there?

Vic von Poser

I will show 3/4 pieces and ideally, I would like them to be together, but I can adjust everything in what space I will have.

1- installation: Experience (Azul) Blue #3

projection on a mirror with water - I will need a place "dark" with white walls and power source for the projector - I will also need one of our projectors

2- VR: Experience (Rio) River #2 -

VR Glasses, Smartphone with the app, small plinth or one round stool - need power source

3- Wall Based: Not completely sure yet, But I will have a pice to put on the wall

4- Performance? on the opening night maybe I will do a performance with the installation or the wall based piece but I am not sure yet

Zara Lawson

A) I will show video work with sound (loud music and offensive language) inside a installation setting (which may have a domestic feel/ a 1980's vibe/ and elements of a school/playground). Maybe some drawings and text on the walls. Not 100% sure yet, due to the location.

B) I will play around with the space that I would be given. If possible, I would prefer to be isolated from other people's works. I did like the old stairwell location or a small room. The lighting maybe not too dark or light.

Old TV monitor (1-3x)
Dvd player (1-3x)
Maybe a projector
Maybe Speaker's

Nancy Jo Ward
I am looking for wall space for 6 pieces - approximately 1/2 to 1 meter wide for each of the six. There will be three prints on aluminum and three prints on paper. These will attach to the wall with nails or screws at eye level. This could be a corner space or linear wall space. I need to be in a room with daylight or overhead light.

I also am looking to hang three fabric prints from the ceiling if possible - 3/4 meter wide x 2.5 meters high in the space in front of the wall. I see them creating a space - in angles to the wall and out from the wall by 1-3 meters. I will use fishing line attached to the ends of an aluminum rod that the prints will hang from like curtains.

I may run a video on an iMac and need a plinth or something for that to sit on. It could be a media player - whatever works. If this happens, I need electrical plug.

Lastly, I am considering bringing a LED digital lightbox that will hang from the wall. So, that could along the same wall area as the prints. I need electrical outlet for that.

Neslihan Bayraktaroglu
I have a) 6 paper works with different sizes, b)1 stretched canvas and c) an installation; depending on the space that I will have I could choose one of the 3 options.

a) 6 paper works - Traces 1, embroidery and ink on paper, 72 x 102 cm
Traces 2, embroidery, ink, acrylic and tulle on paper, 54 x 76 cm
Untitled, embroidery and tulle on paper, 54 x 76 cm
Untitled, embroidery and tulle on paper, 77 x 56,5 cm
Untitled, digital print on paper, 29,5 x 21,5 cm
Untitled, digital print on paper, 29,5 x 21,5 cm

b) Stretched canvas - Becoming one, mixed media on canvas, 160 x 110 cm

c) Installation - From one thought to another, she gave it to me and I give it to you, embroidery on
tulle , 700 x 250 cm

This is the link of my works - https://neslibblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/23/1354/

Andrew Farley
Main items:
1 or 2 banner inkjet prints, approx 5m long and 1m wide hanging from wall and resting along floor
Video projection onto adjacent slab, approx 1m high.

(see picture -
https://odradeksjourney.wordpress.com/2018/05/22/final-show-indicative-layout/ )

3 aluminium flight cases housing a video projector, a media player/audio amplifier, a sculpture fragment

1 loudspeaker/mic stand and loudspeaker (see below).

I will be able to provide the equipment, unless there is a very large screen available to replace my projector. Alternatively a more powerful 2000Lm projector from the MA studio would be even better.

Installation – due to the height of the banner prints and overall size of installation I would prefer to be on the second floor in the larger studio. There would be some issues with light levels but I would aim to shade the screen with a partition or my own screen if necessary.

Sound – if agreed as I will be sharing a space. I would like to use sound intermittently ie sound ‘events’ taking place at irregular intervals on average say 15 mins apart. Each sound would activate the space in some way and then subside. Each sound event would be based on processed field recordings which aim establish a relation with the other work in the room as well as my own installation.

Proposal for the staircase at the back of the building - a sound work
If no one wants to use the stairwell for their main work I propose we install an audio player, amplifier and loudspeakers to diffuse sound down to floor 1 and upto floor 2. If there is interest we could run work from the group on a loop, otherwise I will compose a piece based on processed recordings taken from the staircase itself, possibly using a contact mic.

The whole of my final project have 4 parts
  1. 50 printed images, and put all of them in line by order,every image's size is 10*8 in(25.4*20.3cm),it have 12.7 meters long.
  2. 50 correspond negatives
  3. 2-3 big print (24*20in)
  4. moving image with sound (a computer screen put on the plinth)

Inga Lineviciute

I will be making projection installation; projecting on found surfaces (plinths, boards ect)
Ideally an installation of 3 projections

I have two mobile projectors (200 lumens) and 3 media players
Might have sound, but the projectors I have, have speakers init and that should be enough (not doing any smart sound art)

Semi-black or blackout space (or a room/space with no windows)
One projector (if possible or as many as I could get)
Extension cables
Speakers (maybe)
Plinths, boards, whatever can be found and be projected on

  • An extra space for drawing installation
I have loads of drawings I wish to use, but for that I would like to use a different space with a light. Maybe I can join with someone?
This is optional, but I tried this in the past and it was quite effective for people to see the process behind animations.
Would probably hang 100-150 drawings of A4/A5 size. Could go for less :)

Previous installation of this project:
I know what you are up to


1)l will need a wall space for 5 collage work
Approximately 3m(width) x2.5m(height)

2)l will make a receipt installation (5 receipt rolls maybe)in front of college works,and it will be hanged from the top to the floor. I may need to build a wooden hanger 1 meter in distance from the wall.

3)l may need a small wall space for 2-3 paintings (40cm x30cm)

Laurence Cleary

One film, 2:30mins looped 1080p. Preferably this will be projected flat on wall. With sound - happy to use headphones if this is in a shared space. Would like a splitter so theres a couple of sets of headphones. Perhaps a small bench for viewing (a place to rest headphones).

2 Prints either side of the film, size B0 (1meter by 1.5).

I am happy to show in a light space if the projector used is bright enough. Id like the projected image to be similar size to the prints. If its necessary to display in a dark room, both prints will need a spot light. OR the prints could be displayed in a hallway directly outside leading into the film space.

An installation point of view- 2 mirrors facing each other in a corner (right angle) with text ‘point of view’ and footprints on floor approx a meter and half back from corner. For example: https://vimeo.com/253757073

Equipment needed;

Projector (and media player?)
Headphone splitter and extension cable
(Small viewing bench like sideways plinth?).

Arhum Al-Rahman
I will be showing a set of 3 pieces.
3 approximately 10" tall (approximately 5-6" wide) trees to be exact, that will have a light source on each of them casting shadows on the wall behind them. I'm hoping to use a plinth for them to be displayed on and may need an extension cord to plug in the light sources which are plugged in with a USB cord.
Ideally this would be displayed in a somewhat dark space but it's alright if that isn't possible. There will also be around 3 or so prints to go with each of the 3 trees.
As a backup incase something were to happen to the pieces during travel, the display would consist of only the prints.

Madeline Stanley

Piece 1 - 7 iMacs in a curved shape all displaying film. Can be placed anywhere in a room. Don't need to worry about light or dark space I would imagine???

Piece 2 -

Option A - 7 iMacs again positioned in a semi circular shape all performing live glitching so is an interactive piece. Would need a black background, unsure of how to go about this - a curved black temporary wall??

Option 2 - 1-3 i Macs. Same idea but will need black wall space. And piece will also need to be in a darker room. Will possibly have to have a spotlight from the wall too.

projection - possibly 2
possibly hololens AR headset as well


projections & LOUD music

ideally in completely dark space