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Below these lines is information from the last academic year.

May and June 2014
Also Artsmart is the University wide festival of events looking loads of issues around professional practice and careers
full list of the vast number of events here:

Trip to Grizedale Arts in the Lake District - North West England
see your email for details

Symposium against Nature – 21 May, 2 – 5pm
A PrintMare Project
21 May, 2 - 5pm, Wilson Road Lecture Hall, Camberwell College of Arts

against Nature Symposium

A PrintMare Project

Date: 21 May, 2 - 5pm

Venue: Wilson Road Lecture Hall, Camberwell College of Arts

This symposium accompanies the ‘against Nature’ exhibition at Camberwell Space, with three invited speakers to discuss ideas related to and provoked by the exhibition:

Gill Saunders, curator of prints at the Victoria and Albert Museum will discuss gardens and unnatural nature in print, looking at works by Ivor Abrahams', Victoria Browne and Andrew Curtis.

Dr Joy Sleeman is senior lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art, she has researched extensively into her personal interests into European land art. Here Joy inspects artists who have addressed the idea of the connections between earth, space and the moon.

David Cross is an artist renowned for his collaborations with Matthew Cornford (Cornford and Cross), his lectures include a project entitled ‘Endgame: energy crisis, climate damage and visual culture’. Here David will continue his themes in relation to this exhibition.

This event is a collaboration between Camberwell Space and CCW Graduate School.
(Image courtesy of artist: David Cross, M20 Open Day (1991))
E mail:

Discussion: The Real World: Digitally Disrupted


Study Studio, Whitechapel Gallery E1 7QX

Thursday 22 May, 7pm - 9pm
Booking essential.
£6.50/£4.50 concession
How does the accessibility of emerging technologies open up the potential for new creative practices? Ju Row Farr and Yael Gilks consider how artists explore personal memory and wider collective history online, through platforms such as Twitter, Second Life and YouTube.

Jerwood Space latest exhibition and lots of interesting events to go with it:

Jerwood Encounters:TTTT

14 MAY - 22 JUNE 2014

external image pop.jpg
Pop Up Common Room: Film screening '72-82'

21 May 2014, 17:30 to 19:00

Venue: Room MLG06, London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, SE16SB.

Film screening 72-82 (58 minutes, 2014) followed by discussion with William Raban, Professor of Film at London College of Communication and Jonathan Harvey, Director of Acme Studios.
72-82 tells the story of the first ten years of Acme Studios and their ground-breaking work providing artists' housing and studios in London. It also features some of the pioneering exhibitions at the Acme Gallery that was based in Covent Garden from 1976-81. The film comprises visual archive materials brought to life by the voices of the artists involved.

Drop in, all welcome.
external image POP2.jpg
Pop Up Common Room: ArteFact, using special collections for research

29 May 2014, 16:00 to 18:00

Venue: Study Room of the CSM Museum and Study Collection and the British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection, Lethaby Gallery, CSM Granary Building

Special collections across the University serve as a source of inspiration and raw data for postgraduate research. This event will give students from UAL a chance to meet staff managing two important collections based at CSM and see some of their star objects first hand.


external image news_130_thumbnail_en.jpg
Marathon London – Paris.

29 June 2014: A coach will be leaving from CSM, Kings Cross at 6am

Unique chance to view Lucy Orta’s solo exhibition at Parc de la Villette and studio visit to the Les Moulins complex.

First come first reserve – Contribution of £25 (exception rate for UAL students)

University Chair of Art and the Environment Lucy Orta invites postgraduates students at UAL to an exciting Marathon trip to Paris to visit her major solo show FOOD WATER LIFE at Parc de la Villette, followed by a tour of the Studio Orta – Les Moulins art complex in the former Papeterie de Paris paper-mills 30-miles from the city. Galleria Continua/ Le Moulin recently opened summer show will be also part of the tour.

Parc de la Villette in Paris inaugurates Lucy + Jorge Orta’s solo exhibition Food Water Life, an inspiring mixture of seminal archival works and newly commissioned sculptures spanning the Paul-Delouvrier contemporary art pavilion and park grounds.



Perception of Colour

Friday 16 May 2014

6.30 – 9.30pm

The Devereux, 20 Devereux Court, London WC2 3JJ

Andrew Hanson, Colour Psychophysicist, National Physical Laboratory
David Batchelor, Artist
Dr Sheena Calvert, Chair

Psychophysicist Andrew Hanson and artist David Batchelor will be looking at the perception of colour from the perspectives of two very different practices. David's work comprises three-dimensional structures, photographs, paintings and drawings, and mostly relates to a long term interest in colour and urbanism. His talk will look at aspects of colour and the city - and colour and darkness in particular. Andrew Hanson is a psychophysicist at the National Physical Laboratory specialising in the measurement of colour. His talk will highlight what scientists think colour is, how we specify and measure it, and the variety of its perception in different environmental and observer conditions. Chairperson Dr Sheena Calvert's knowledge of colour brings a further perspective, having studied colour systems at Yale University, and she is interested in its philosophical aspects.

£6.50 students (£7.50 full price) in advance at Eventbrite
£7.50 students (£9.00 full price) on the door – subject to availability,
booking advisable via

For more info, see:

Cheers all!

Screening of Stuart Hall Project

20th March 2014, 18:00.
LVMH Lecture Theatre E002
Central St Martins
Granary Building
Kings Cross

Stuart Hall changed the Art School, offering a new interpretation of cultural studies that has informed much critical practice for over 30 years. This absorbing documentary from director John Akomfrah (The Nine Muses, Handsworth Songs) presents an intimate and engaging portrait of Stuart Hall, the Jamaican-born public intellectual and co-founder of the New Left Review, whose work in the field of cultural theory has profoundly influenced the academic landscape. Using extensive footage of Hall's appearances on radio and television, the film explores its themes of memory, race and identity through the juxtaposition of events from Hall's life, and a discourse on the wider social and political events of the second half of the twentieth century, all set against a soundtrack by Hall's favourite musician, Miles Davis.

I think you need to sign up here if you are interested!

Hopefully see you there :)


United Visual Artists: Momentum

13 Feb - 1 June 2014, Barbican

Our internal model of time, movement, mass and space is based on a lifetime of experience, perhaps even genetically encoded. What happens when we build a new model? What happens when we bend the rules?' UVA

United Visual Artists invites you to experience Momentum, a carefully choreographed sequence of light, sound and movement, which responds to the unique space of the Curve.

Momentum consists of twelve pendulums that activate light and sound as they swing, drawing attention to the Curve’s vast arc, inviting you to journey through the space guided by your heightened senses. Each pendulum has been meticulously designed and built using steel, aluminium, and custom electronics. The sound is individual to each pendulum, prepared and tuned to seamlessly resonate as they move within the Curve.

Momentum creates an environment that has its foundations in detailed research, sophisticated computer technology and mechanical expertise. Yet, the effect is to create a space that feels wondrously transformed, one which you are invited to experience and explore.

Find out more at:

Southwark Arts Forum conference - The Art of Making Money
Thursday 6 February - 10.00 - 16.30
Places still available for this conference! Looks really good - full of practical advice and workshops

Next week there's a interesting lecture by the director of The WhiteChapel Gallery.
more info here:

GIGI (Huijun Guan):
Fake Love
Fake Love is an award-winning creative boutique in New York that focuses on immersive commercial and artistic visual storytelling and branding.


SCRIPTURA VITAE is a short-film based on the artwork of Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. Commissioned by Protein as part of the Random Acts arts platform by Channel 4, this film marks the directorial debut of artist and designer, Aerosyn-Lex.
A poetic performance piece exploring duality, SCRIPTURA VITAE stars famed Japanese actress Miho Nikaido, best known for her role in the Japanese cult classic film "Tokyo Decadence", alongside Butoh performer and dancer Maki Shinagawa.
Featuring new original music by Diplo and standout tracks Parallel World by avant-garde London-based producer Actress and Geisha by the young British duo, Plaitum.

Xavi sez:
Hi guys. I was thinking that could be interesting to use a hashtag on twitter to share references, inspiration. I usually do it in agencies and it is a good tool to discover new things.
My proposal is to use #INSPFAD (Inspiration Fine Art Digital) to share references, curious things, artists and general inspiration.
I hope it will help.



As part of Everything Wants to Run, this Friday at 7pm Block 336 presents Ambit, a debut sound performance by Erik Nyström and Peiman Khosravi. There will be an opportunity to see the exhibition before and after the performance.

Ambit is a site-specific sound installation event that explores visuospatial imagery evoked by the apparent physicality of sound material. Projected sonic images will liquefy the surfaces and boundaries of the room, as if it were an elastic topology. Thus a mutable world of illusory spaces will emerge and transcend the geometry of the listening environment – bringing into consciousness the tension between 'here and now' and a universe extending beyond.

“Space is a myth, a ghost, a fiction for geometers.”—James J. Gibson


Tuesday 15 October
laser cutting workshop
09.30 - 12.30
3D resource centre basement of 1970s block
This is an intro to the laser cutter and an opportunity to cut something yourself
Please bring some material to cut, it must be lightweight like paper, thin card or fabric
You also need a file on a USB stick. This file needs to be an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai extension) saved as an Illustrator version 8 file.
The laser cutter follows lines so the 'vector lines' of Adobe Illustrator are vital.
If you've never used Adobe Illustrator before please check through the e-library
We will have some files you can use on the day.

Wednesday 16 October
Black and White photography workshop
10.00 - 12.30
Photo resource centre basement south block
  • B&W film developing and making a contact print.
8 places available.
Attendees need to bring an exposed roll of Ilford HP5 35mm and 25 sheets of Ilford Multigrade 10x8 RC Pearl paper. (Should be available from college [[#|shop]])
You must arrive at 10:00 prompt as there is a lot to go through.

8 places only. Add your name to the list:
2.Yizhou Yao
3.Qianru Zhu
4.Emily Skinner
5.Huijun Guan
6.Shiye Teng
7.Shiyuan Guo

I'm not sure if this will answer your [[#|question]] on your blog about ownership and copy right of internet art work but it is an interesting article to read.

Rafaël Rozendaal's Liquid Websites


Emily Says:

Hey I totally would of done but I can't get up to London At the moment.
I hope its good

Xavi Says:

Hi Everyone,
I just found this activity on Friday in the White Building.
I'm thinking about going, anyone wants to join?

The Digital Subconscious IA Forum on Art, Technology and Global Society

external image Riley_Versions.jpg
external image Riley_Versions.jpg

external image Riley_Versions.jpg

external image Riley_Versions.jpg

The Digital Subconscious is a critical forum that seeks to ask key [[#|questions]] about the relationship between art, technology and philosophy. How has the soft architecture of the digital and virtual sphere affected the manner in which we choose to engage with the world? How have our formal relationships to art, music, and cinema changed over the last decade? Collectively, how has the ‘digital’ affected our sub (consciousness)?
Comprising a series of talks and provocations from writers, psychologists, curators and artists, this event will consider how social interplay on the web and across the digital sphere affects ethical, political and legal concerns. At the same time, this forum also seeks to consider wider [[#|questions]] about how our memories are constructed, produced, and recalled, in an age, where nothing is ever lost.

More info:

The SU (Student's Union) invite all Camberwell students to their Living London event, featuring activities, stalls and lectures designed to welcome new students to UAL and London life.
Come along and [[#|meet new]] people, hear about important services and how to get to grips with University life.

Wednesday 2 October 16.00-19.00 in the college canteen Peckham Road

go to this at 16.00 for 1 hour then you can go to Chelsea College of Art & Design for an interesting lecture:




·My digital life autumn, BONANZA!

My Digital Life Autumn
17 Oct 2013 from 18:00 to 21:00


·An interesting performance
SIRO-A from Tokyo
(Choose by HUIJUN GUAN)


Everything Wants To Run

[[#Everything Wants To Run---Preview: October 11th | 6pm - 10pm]][[#Everything Wants To Run---Preview: October 11th | 6pm - 10pm]][[#Everything Wants To Run---Preview: October 11th | 6pm - 10pm]]Preview: October 11th | 6pm - 10pm

[[#Everything Wants To Run---Exhibition: 12th October – 16th November | Thurs – Sat | 12 – 6pm]][[#Everything Wants To Run---Exhibition: 12th October – 16th November | Thurs – Sat | 12 – 6pm]][[#Everything Wants To Run---Exhibition: 12th October – 16th November | Thurs – Sat | 12 – 6pm]]Exhibition: 12th October – 16th November | Thurs – Sat | 12 – 6pm

[[#Everything Wants To Run---Event: Ambit by Nyström / Khosravi | 18th October | 7pm]][[#Everything Wants To Run---Event: Ambit by Nyström / Khosravi | 18th October | 7pm]][[#Everything Wants To Run---Event: Ambit by Nyström / Khosravi | 18th October | 7pm]]Event: Ambit by Nyström / Khosravi | 18th October | 7pm

'Recent philosophical discussions around “new materialism” acknowledge that digital culture, which was once considered immaterial, forms as much a part of our authentic aesthetic experience as anything else. When everything can be considered as matter, and when materiality underlies all cultural practice, how can we start to articulate the specificities and nuances of objects again, be they digital or otherwise?'


external image AND_Banner_logo-600x259.jpg
external image AND_Banner_logo-600x259.jpg

external image AND_Banner_logo-600x259.jpg

external image AND_Banner_logo-600x259.jpg

Festival of New Cinema, Digital Culture & Art
03 – 05 Oct 2013 Liverpool

We are planning to go to Liverpool for this event:I will be on the following trains:

Thu 03 Oct 2013 - London Euston station to Liverpool Lime Street station
12:07 to 14:15

Fri 04 Oct 2013 - Liverpool to London
18:48 to 21:05

if you are on the same train I will see you, if not I will meet you in Liverpool.
Russell has found a [[#|cheap hotel]], called the Z Hotel, if you choose to stay in Liverpool longer there is lots of visitor details here:
buy [[#|train tickets]] here - trains leave from London Euston station and arrive at Liverpool Lime Street

We will be visiting:

Tate Liverpool
Open Eye Gallery

Bluecoat Gallery

and possibly some others

Exhibition in Brighton:

Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall
Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall

Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall

Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall

Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall

Wireless in the World (2010) by Timo Arnall