Interesting opportunity:

My name is Jessie Hammans, a second year sculpture student and I am the Vice President of UAL’s Curation Society. We are holding an exhibition in collaboration with Goldsmith’s Visual Cultures Society.
The open call is attached and information on the show can be seen below.
I wondered if it would be okay to have this open call sent out to all MA Visual Arts
students across Camberwell please?

The Expanded City is a group exhibition collaboratively curated by Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society and the UAL Curation Society, featuring works from students across London universities.

This exhibition will explore the ways that life in London is organised and influenced by structures of capitalism. How do we, as cultural producers, shape the space we live in, and how are we shaped by it? Although published more than a century ago, the depiction of city life and its impact on the individual depicted by Georg Simmel in his text The Metropolis and Mental Life remains relevant. Those who live in the city are familiar with the profound alienation and anxiety engendered by a constant sensory barrage. The individuals living under total capitalism are denied the ability to change the social and economic structures that shape their lives. Life has been flattened: nothing now can be imagined without its presupposed monetary value.

The reach of the city has become ever wider. Accelerating developments in technology and communication have resulted in the spread of cosmopolitan values through mass media. The city has expanded beyond the physical, and into the transcendent connective platform of the digital, bringing together people in an unprecedented scale.

The density of the metropolis has facilitated spontaneous cultural collaborations, projects and ideas. With this countercultures demand and produce autonomy over their work. The city as a centre of production in turn attracts more producers. However the resilience of the market-economy has absorbed the aesthetic strategies: the search for authenticity and self-management are now used to promote the conditions required by the current model of neoliberalism. How do artists react to the conditions of the contemporary expanded city with its effects, infringements, and limits that affect the experiences of mental life?

The Expanded City envisions an invisible and vital part of the city (and the mental life) and the impact it has on cultural producers. This compounding of sensory information and the subsequent anxieties it draws on, will provide the opportunity for students and members of the public to collectively resist the solitude felt within the city.

Artists are invited to submit a PDF (no more than 15 MB) containing:
- Contact details, including place and course of study
- An artist’s statement (maximum 200 words)
- Up to 6 images of works to be considered
- Up to 300 words explaining how your work relates to the concept of the expanded city

Submissions will be accepted until the 23rd of March (midnight UK time) sent to

Our aim is to promote London based students and to give them a platform in which they can share their own original ideas and contribute to a wider artistic discourse. We encourage the use of different media in order to open the field to experimentation at various levels.
Many Thanks,
Jessie Hammans


Applications workshop
here is the PDF of the workshop that Hannah Breslin did today on successfully completely applications for funding, art residencies etc
Applications Workshop - HB.pdf
Applications Workshop - HB.pdf

Applications Workshop - HB.pdf

Artist CVs - PDF
and here are some slides from the discussion about CVs
Artists CV Presentation - HB.pdf
Artists CV Presentation - HB.pdf

Artists CV Presentation - HB.pdf

Call for artists:
following Gareth Polmeer's suggestion in a recent lecture to use the JISCMAIL service to subscribe to a range of interesting emails, here is an example of a current call for artists to participlate on the ART-ALL email list:


Deadline 27 March 2017

Talking Painting; Writing Painting; Painting Painting

12 Jan 2017

6pm to 8pm
Wilson Road lecture theatre

This event with Griselda Pollock, Professor of the Social & Critical Histories of Art and Director of the Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History (CATH) at Univerity of Leeds, follows her year as Practitioner in Residence at Camberwell College of Arts in 2015. One of the country’s leading cultural theorists, Griselda Pollock is known as a feminist academic and authority on the history of film and visual art. She will be in conversation with Judith Tucker and Catherine Ferguson.

Judith Tucker is an artist and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design, Faculty of Performance Visual Arts and Communications at the University of Leeds. Her research-led practice explores the meeting of social history, personal memory and geography.

Catherine Ferguson is an artist and writer based in London. Recent exhibitions include: Machines and Diagrams, solo show at Gooden Gallery, Vyner St, London, 2011; Rhythmanalysis, solo show at APT Gallery, London, 2010; Roma Contemporary Art Fair, Italy, 2009. She is a Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Leeds and an Associate Lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts.

Image: Judith Tucker, Once Was Holiday, Oil on canvas, 30.5 x 46.5cm



VR Schmooze @ ICA, free, 7 DEC

Aesthetica Art prize (with different categories including digital and installation)

PLUS Symposiums, 14 May

'Adobe Creative Cause' Digital Arts competition, linked with the Prince's Trust



MODUAL - 2 week digital workshop - link to industry


Wednesday morning informal meet-ups for discussing all things digital, London college of fashion

external image a8286613-10f9-4167-9fff-e9557dc333f2.jpg
external image a8286613-10f9-4167-9fff-e9557dc333f2.jpg

Electronic Superhighway (2016 - 1966)
29 January - 15 May 2016

external image b9830759-c09a-436c-9fe8-3bad7d6f75d3.jpg
external image b9830759-c09a-436c-9fe8-3bad7d6f75d3.jpg

See a sneak preview of Electronic Superhighway (2016 -1966), a major new show opening at the Whitechapel Gallery on 29 January 2016. Including over 100 works by over 70 artists, the exhibition looks at the impact of computer and Internet technologies on art from the mid-1960s to the present day.

external image 730c6212-16d9-4ba2-acfb-a2960bc28d80.jpg
external image 730c6212-16d9-4ba2-acfb-a2960bc28d80.jpg

Tickets are available now from £11.95

Find out more about #electronicsuperhighway and this season of free commissions, displays and screenings.

Lumen - selected work from the 2015 winners
art@fca 2015 invite.png
art@fca 2015 invite.png

12 November - 17.30 - 19.30
If you want to go to this you must add your name to the list here to get on the security list to get into the building


external image Fred-Deakin---Intravox.jpg
external image Fred-Deakin---Intravox.jpg

30 October - 12 November
Join us for Intravox, an immersive, interactive audio-visual installation by Fred Deakin, Professor of Interactive Digital Arts at the University of the Arts London.
Five large "alien heads" are set to land in the Lethaby Gallery: until they are approached they are asleep, but once one of them senses an individual approaching it will awaken. Once awakened each head will sing a phrase, note or word: the exact output, tone and sound will depend on the hand movements of the observer who must conduct their own sculpture and attempt to create unison with other audience members. The five voices are soprano, alto, tenor, bass and beatbox that together will create a complete soundscape from multiple elements, entirely unique every time it is generated.
LunchtimeTalk: Join Fred Deakin for an artist led tour of the Intravox exhibition.

Tuesday 10 November | 1 - 2pm

Free and open to the public.
Visit the event page for further details.
Intravox is the sequel to Fred Deakin’s ‘Electricity Comes From Other Planets’ comissioned by Paris’ La Gaite Lyrique in 2012.
This exhibition is generously supported by Intel and Bowers and Wilkins2016/17 [pdf 7Mb]

© 2015 University of the Arts London. All Rights Reserved.

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CONTACT - Screening event
external image 99c327_16ee1f459d9143dbbeeea15da5080de6.jpg_srz_p_532_382_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz
external image 99c327_16ee1f459d9143dbbeeea15da5080de6.jpg_srz_p_532_382_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

10 - 11 October
Film programme and performance start at 7:30 Saturday 10th October.
Exhibition open from 12-6 Saturday and Sunday.

CONTACT is a new series of screening events presenting a range of filmmakers’ work and connections across different practices and art forms.
One of the organisers is Gareth Polmeer who supervisors research papers for this MA Fine Art Digital.
Show is open 12.00 - 18.00 Saturday and Sunday with a a screening on Saturday evening.

October is art fair time in London - 2 keys events:

Sluice Art Fair
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 19.15.19.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 19.15.19.png

16-18 October
Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, South Bank, London
this is an alternative art fair - potentially much more interesting than Frieze Art Fair which is on at the same time (see below).

Frieze Art Fair
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 19.06.17.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 19.06.17.png

14 - 17 October

This art fair is expensive and sometimes depressing but worth going at least once in your life!
Frieze London is located in the south of The Regent’s Park with the entrance off Park Square West. The postcode is NW1 4NR
There is a student price:

Robot Bodies - Keith Piper
for 2nd year students who have been discussing the ideas around the exhibition with Paul Goodwin, do a search for 'Keith Piper robot bodies' and you will find lots of information -- this is the old work that is the inspiration for the new exhibition this year.
The original film is here

Lumen Art Prize seminar
this event was recorded and includes some interesting talks - lots to think about, agree with, disagree with, debate and discuss! It is long.
You can read about the content of the seminar here:

various events coming in the next couple of weeks:


Camberwell Space Projects
(this is the gallery space in the corridors of Wilson Road next to the lecture theatre)
Walking Through Fiction Symposium, 29 September 2015, 6 – 8pm

Please join us for our forthcoming Symposium event, featuring artists in the exhibition ‘Walking Through Fiction’ at Camberwell Space Projects.

Symposium - a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet (and notable as the title of a work by Plato).

On this late September evening we will discuss the artists’ works in the exhibition and how they respond to the title ‘Walking Through Fiction’. If fiction isinvented or untrue can these pieces of art be fictional? If so do you have to be immersed in it? And does the viewer then become a part of this fiction when you are walking through the exhibition? Everyone attending will be able to respond to these questions, and others posed during this informal discussion. Ultimately these discussions will form the basis of the next exhibition in a proposed series as part of Devereux’s ongoing curatorial practice.

Participants include:

Patricia Ellis

Cedar Lewisohn

Fani Parali

Mac Scott

Jiri Kratochvil

Matt Franks

Tim Ellis

Alexander Devereux

Bookings can be made via this link:

Kind regards

Daisy McMullan

Acting Gallery Coordinator

Camberwell Space Projects

Camberwell College of Arts

Wilson Road

London SE5 8LU

T: 020 7514 6402



Twitter: @CamberwellSpace

Facebook: /CamberwellSpace

Instagram: /camberwellspace

V&A museum
Digital Design Weekend
Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 September 2015, 10.30–17.00
loads of interesting events details here -

Research paper - some useful links:

Language support sessions -

Guide to Harvard citation system -

Assessment matrix used for all assessments - for the research paper we focus on criteria numbers 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8 -

Browzine app gives you easy access to loads of the academic journals that UAL subscribe to -

The library and the e-library -

Some good tools to help with organising your research material
- - really useful smart phone app - point camera at the barcode and it collects all the details you need, title, author, publisher, date etc

difference between primary and secondary sources -


Student Opportunity - Venice Biennale:
All this information here:

Birmingham Digital Week
external image p02hhyd1.jpg
external image p02hhyd1.jpg

remember to regularly check this link for all the latest events across the university for Post Grad students

Getting started with Processing, Pure Data etc.

I have put together a page with introductory info and links to other tutorial and resource sites. You can find it here:

Hello - I just wanted to let you know about this upcoming event staged by a new organisation, the Artists' Union England - which will be of interest to any concerned with the relationship between art and politics etc. See below and the AUE website for more… All the best, Lionel

Artists’ Union England Election Hustings

Artists’ Union England is very pleased to announce we are hosting a Hustings on the 11th of Feb 2015 6-8pm, at Chelsea College of Art and Design lecture theatre in London. The event provides an opportunity for representatives of different political parties to directly address the concerns of artists in advance of the general election.

We have the following confirmed speakers: Bob and Roberta Smith (artist and independent candidate for Surrey Heath), Ed Vaizey MP (HM Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries), Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter (LibDem spokesperson on DCMS matters in the House of Lords) and are awaiting confirmation on Labour and Green Party representatives.

Due to anticipated demand tickets will have to be booked through our eventbrite which is not live yet – we are waiting on confirmation of a couple of details from the venue. Tickets will be priced at £3 for AUE members and £5 for non-AUE members, with all proceeds going towards our fundraising for the Certification of Independence.

All members will be emailed directly when the eventbrite goes live, other interested parties please keep checking this page and our twitter feed (@ArtistsUnionE) for updates.

The Hustings will feature short presentations from each of the party representatives and independent candidates, followed by an audience question and answer session.

AUE would like to thank Chelsea College of Art and Design for kindly hosting the event and Artquest.

Resilience + Resistance
Resilience implies that economic/ecological crisis is inevitable, so we must adapt. But the crisis could be averted! So should we just adapt, or should we also resist?

Cultures of Resilience is a two year University-wide research project led by Professor Ezio Manzini which will culminate in 2016 with a spectacular ‘festival’. Each college is sampling research resilience/sustainability. On the 20th January it’s our turn at CCW.
David Cross, Neil Cummings and Marsha Bradfield of Critical Practice, invite you to a lively and sociable evening of discussion, with refreshments

The Billiards Room
Chelsea College of Art 
20 January 2015

Interesting series of talks:

MA Designer Maker and BA 3D Design run a series of joint talks, many of which look very interesting, with some fascinating people coming to talk about their work. They have kindly said that I can tell you about these talks and you are welcome to go to them.
(They happen on Thursdays 13.30 - 14.30 in the ceramics lecture theatre, in the main Peckham Road building, unfortunately they are currently not recorded.)

Details are here:

Hi guys,
I'm going to be in London this Saturday for this fair. I booked a Saturday advanced ticket. I don't if anyone else is interested in going if so give me an e-mail on I have no phone till Friday! Or find me on FB and message me. Emily skinner with a picture of a heart filled with text saying love, travel, music.

Some interesting lectures on women in photography:

On 15/10/2014 from the 19th century the topic is Julia Margaret Cameron with the speaker being Marta Weiss from the V&A
On 22/10/2014 from the 20th century our subject is "The Legendary Lee Miller" and the speaker is her son Antony Penrose
Finally on 5/11/2014, and possibly of most interest to current students of photography or journalism, a talk by Alison Baskerville who will speak on her work in some of the most troubled parts of the world.

Lectures at Dulwich Picture Gallery which is not far from college.


From Clara:

Hello! Here's the info for the exhibition of UAL and UCM students with the debate this Saturday at hARTs Lane Studios.
Here´s the link:
Clara Durán/ Pablo García/ Andrés Gil/ Clara Pereda/ Javier Rodriguez Lozano/ Francesca Mollet/ Louis Sangster/ Francisco Lerios/ Rosa Nussbaum
WHEN: 13th September, 11am-8pm
OPEN DEBATE and other collaborations at 5pm
WHERE: Harts Lane Studios, 17 Harts Lane, SE14 5UP New Cross Gate, London
FROM: Different contemporary approaches in art education, is an exhibition and debate that originates from the idea of bringing together art students from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and University of the Arts London (UAL University of the Arts London News). It intends to somehow reflect different approaches into art practices existing in one and another.
The pieces will give rise to an open debate that will focus on the different educational systems and artistic panoramas of both countries, as well as our different experiences as art students in college and how we have faced the development of our work inside and outside the institution.
Everybody is very welome to join us!
Would be amazing to see you all there!

‘Digital Revolution’ exhibition – a critical reader
external image image.jpg
external image image.jpg

Here are some links to some wider reading in response to the ‘Digital Revolution’ exhibition at the Barbican Centre, London July to September 2014.
The various articles explore some critical responses to the exhibition and include an anonymous statement from one of the artists contributing. It is worth reading all of them to get a good overview.
Barbican’s website:

Bloomberg Space has a large installation that is also part of this exhibition:

More of a description of the exhibition with some thoughts added:

These next links cover a range of issues in response to the exhibition and Google’s involvement:
Google is breeding the young minds of the next generation of artists:

An open letter to Larry & Sergey:

Artists virtually gatecrash Google’s DevArt Barbican exhibit:

Hack the Art World: the dissident techies tackling Google

DevArt: Google’s powerful new move to arts patronage:

Digital Revolution, Barbican Centre, review: ‘gimmicky':

an anonymous statement from one of the artists involved giving their perspective: