final show - lots of information

Tuesday 30 June -- meet in the studio - 10.00 to start the show build
on that day there will be lots of cleaning, painting and preparing the spaces

all the marketing stuff for the show is online here
they will be wanting information from students very soon
you an download a PDF of the private view invite from this link
there is the official Facebook event page as well that you can use to promote the show etc

Health & safety
this needs to be considered. For most of you it is more about making sure things don’t fall or people trip over cables etc. Use your common sense, think about possible risks and then do something to avoid them. We will talk about this as we build the show.

Labels for your work
yes the college print these for you — on about 2 July I will be sent a link to an online survey where you can input all the information about your work (this is the same link to add information about the price of your work if you want to sell it)
this information will be used to create the labels, so no need to worry about it right now, you can do that when we are building the show

Attached is the PDF explaining the selling of work

MA Select Showcase
this is extra to your MA show and is a show that uses the Camberwell Space gallery at the front of the college building, usually students do not use the space.
Attached is a brief for this show

The show spaces
attached is a PDF showing suggested spaces for the everyone